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The Vacation Committee
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  The Vacation Committee

Director: Leza Lidow
Release Date: July 2006
Cast: Milton Childers
Cesar Smith-Diaz
Liam Folan
Maxine Pink
Stan Hancock
Stefan Hammerschmidt

Producer: Sonny Childers
Director of Photography: Chelsea Low
Editor: Jesse Griffith
Visual Effects by: Pascual Sisto
Set Decorator: Kory Goetzman
Sound by: Peter Zachos

Running Time: 16:15 min
IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt1387488/

Plot Outline:

See your world before you leave it. Marvel and rejoice in the beauty of the earth. Smell the scent of English lavender and wild roses. Drink the wines of France; eat the pastas of Italy and the pastries of France. Drink in the fruits of all its countries. Enjoy your world and all its people. Above all, share the laughter and happiness with everyone in these lucky moments of time.

Make the worlds everyone's oyster.

Leza Lidow

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