Leza Lidow

Playing with Dolls for Grownups and Adults

The Holy Scriptures say that man was created in God's image. Human civilization has created the mannequin in man's own image. A mute, obedient doll that is both easy and definitely very interesting to play with. The exhibit by the American artist Leza Lidow is called "Eternal Game."

The project consists of three parts, or more accurately, three installations: "Chess Problems," "Cloning" and "The Last Supper." "Chess Problems" is a distinctive and age-old battle of the sexes: on an enormous chess board, the artist plays a game with the help of human figures. The blue mannequins are men, the red mannequins are women. "Cloning" consists of only female mannequins, cut up like puzzles and covered with an image of the DNA helix. Perhaps the most contradictory of the works presented is "The Last Supper." If art critics and anthropologists have previously argued about whether or not the images of Christ and Judas on Leonardo da Vinci's famous fresco "The Last Supper" are painted from one and the same person, then Leza Lidow leaves no doubt. In Lidow's work, both Christ an Judas are women, or rather female mannequins. A women personifies betrayal and salvation at the same time. She is a being able to bring together all opposites and contradictions within herself. Maybe that is why the basic theme, the basic image and the basic heroine in Leza Lidow's work is Woman herself? In any guise.

DETAILS In 1995, Leza Lidow entered the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the installation "Chess Problems." The installation is a chess board measuring 8 x 8 meters with 32 human sized figures on it.

WHERE Contemporary Russian History Museum, through November 3. TICKETS 50-100 rubles.

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