Leza Lidow

DOSSIER CASA (Translated)
By Giovanni Viarengo, February 1988


In Leza Lidow's work we find a pictorial technique which is both skillful and learned, with Renaissance overtones. She infused her work with a life which can be defined as Surrealist, even though it exhibits few points in common with the traditional Surrealism expounded by André Breton or represented by Dali, Tanguy, Max Ernst. Lidow paints canvases and manikins in an exceptionally masterful way, loading the space with an extraordinary number of images. Thus the manikin, which by itself is static and neutral space, when covered by Lidow's figures acquires a meaningful force of its own and becomes like an unusual and incredible apparition, replete with a troubling symbolism.

She brings us to the limits of hallucination; the Freudian allusions are obvious in Lidow's work. The greek philosopher Heredities said that the human soul i a faraway land, unreachable and inexplicable. And in fact, as we look at these paintings and these manikins, we are led to think about he unfathomable depths of the human psychic. It is exactly into the realm of the fantastic and into the psychic abyss that this American artist thrusts us with a surprising inventive capacity and with an oneirocritical charge which leaves us perplexed.

Among the most astounding thins that Lidow has created are the feminine nudes of which we catch a glimpse through the transparent white veils of interior spaces or under sheets hanging in the open. The scene reminds us of ectoplasm evocative of spiritualist experiences, the whole suffused with precariousness and with disintergration

Drama, tragedy are not explicit in Lidow's paintings, but we vaguely perceive that death is fluttering nearby, that it is waiting for the events. We sense a felling of anguish, of impending disaster, where the unreal and the absurd are confused with the real.

To say that hers is an exhibit hat deserves to be seen is really not enough, for it happens really that we wee works which are absolutely unusual and original and which are executed with dexterity and incredible shill together with an astounding oneirocriticism charge.

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