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The Importance of Being Askew
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  Askew - The Importance of Being

Director: Leza Lidow
Release Date: January 2006
Cast: Etienne Chatton
Milton Childers
Stan Hancock
Cesar Smith-Diaz
Alexey Steele
Adolfo Moran
Lauren Mentzel


Director of Photography: Chelsea Low
Editor: Chelsea Low
Visual Effects by: Pascual Sisto
Set Decorator: Kory Goetzman
Sound by: Peter Zachos

Running Time: 27:47 min
IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt1378266/

Plot Outline:

Being on time is a neurosis that has become a hazard to everyone's health. The world has shrunk in space. A desperate need for privacy is being neglected. People are afraid to make decision on their own. What will people think of me? I must be well mannered, quiet, and I must be on time.

Man is becoming false and selfish. He is losing his innocence and basic honesty for himself. Man has forgotten to laugh and smile, which is the most potent medicine needed. The students of Dr. Momentary have earned their Oscars with honor by preserving their innocence. This is very infectious and can spread easily with grace through mankind. I commend all for being ASKEW.

The world has some more laughing to do...

Leza Lidow

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